Frequently Asked Questions

How often should my piano be tuned?

Pianos go out of tune even if they are not played. Pianos do not like humidity and it is common that a piano will expand and contract due to significant temperature and humidity fluctuations (over 20°). This will cause the strings to stretch and contract causing a piano to go out of tune. O’Neill’s recommends tuning a piano at least once a year to ensure your piano is properly maintained and, if possible, twice a year with the change of seasons!

How soon after delivery should my piano be tuned?

Due to the climate and especially the humidity in south Louisiana, a piano needs at least 4-6 weeks to acclimate to a new home before tuning. This waiting time will allow the piano to maintain a more stable tuning and ensure a quality job.

Does O’Neill’s put player systems on pianos?

If O’Neill’s puts a player system on your piano you would receive a 2 years parts and labor warranty. If we send your piano to the factory, you will receive the best installation from the people who do it everyday AND your warranty doubles to 4 years parts and labor. That makes the decision easy for everyone.

Does O’Neill’s take trade ins?

Yes. O’Neill’s knows that as a musician’s needs develop his or her instrument needs may change. That is why we offer the O’Neill’s Advantage program:
We back up your long term value proposition by offering you the best "trade-up" program in the industry:
  1. One year full trade up or half buy-back of any digital piano purchase.
  2. Three year full trade up or half buy-back of any used piano purchase.
  3. Five year full trade up or half buy-back of any new piano purchase.

Is it cheaper to buy a piano online?

Absolutely not! Kindly give us a chance to explain our products and services and we are sure you will not have to buy a piano without ever playing it. Some online companies try to lure you in with a “cheap price” and then sell you a “refurbished piano” that may or may not be what you really need or want. Why take a chance when pianos have over 5,000 moving parts. Ensuring everything is working properly on your piano is what O’Neill’s has built its 59 year reputation on. When you look at the entire cost of buying online including service, moving, and buying without ever playing the piano, O’Neill’s can and will offer you a better value for your money.

What are the sizes of pianos?

  • 36”-38” Spinet piano
  • 40”-44” Console piano
  • 45”-46” Studio Upright
  • 47”-52” Professional Upright
  • 4’7”-5’5” Baby Grand
  • 5’6”-6’11” Full size Grand
  • 7’6” Semi-Concert Grand
  • 9’ Concert Grand