About: Company History

Welcome to O'Neill's Music. We have been the best choice for pianos in Baton Rouge since 1951 and we are "Where Tradition Meets Technology".

Currently O'Neill's is the largest piano company in the Baton Rouge area offering pianos from all over the globe including:

  • Entry level and beginner instruments
  • Conservatory and Professional instruments
  • Handcrafted European Heirloom quality instruments

We truly believe we have the right products at the right prices and we guarantee it!

Our company's mission and guiding values are based on the simple and compelling belief that music is for everyone. We believe passionately about the value of music education and recreational music making for everyone in society. Every life needs music!

1951, Jack O'Neill Jr. moves his family from New York City where he was manager of Aeolian Piano Company on 5th Avenue to Baton Rouge and opens the new location of O'Neill's near Eugene and Florida St (next to Royal Cleaners).

A few years later, with the business growing we moved to Dalton's Dept. Store on 3rd street in downtown Baton Rouge and became Kimball Piano dealers.

In 1972 Jack Jr. became ill and Jack III, who was pursuing a singing career in New York, moved his family to Baton Rouge and moved the store to a much bigger location on Florida Blvd., three blocks from the Baton Rouge General Hospital.

1983 Founder Jack O'Neill, Jr. died and Jack III takes over as owner of O'Neill's Music. That same year we became Yamaha dealers.

1984 with business growing substantially Jack III decides to moves the company to its current South Baton Rouge location. This same year, his son Raph joins the company and O'Neill's adds a third generation to its business.

1986 saw a very tough business climate and many piano companies in the area closed, including the local Baldwin dealer. This allowed O'Neill's to capture two of the best piano lines of the time under one roof, Yamaha & Baldwin. Even during a difficult business climate O'Neill's thrived with the best product offering and prices in the area.

1986-2006 O'Neill's Music continues to grow and adapt to new business opportunities.
1986 O'Neill's sells its first digital piano.
1988 O'Neill's holds the largest piano sale in Louisiana History

1988 O'Neill's sells the most pianos in Baton Rouge and continues to be the largest piano company in the area

1998 O'Neill's begins the LSU School of Music piano loan program which continues today to be the largest piano loan program in Louisiana

2003 O'Neill's begins selling a handmade European piano, Schimmel

2006 O'Neill's places a 9' Yamaha Concert Grand at the Manship Theatre inside the Shaw Center further expanding the scope of O'Neill's commitment to providing great pianos to the Baton Rouge area

2009 Jack O'Neill III semi-retires and Raph O'Neill, his son, assumes managing the day-to-day operations