About: The O'Neill Advantage

"Where Tradition Meets Technology" isn't just a slogan for us.

We realize that our products are fun but require a certain level of knowledge and understanding to fully utilize the value for our clients. O'Neill's guarantees both your satisfaction of a great price and a comprehensive understanding of your new product's features and functions. We believe strongly that the better you understand and enjoy your new instrument from O'Neill's the more opportunity we have for your referral business.

We also back up your long term value proposition by offering you the best "trade-up" program in the industry:

  1. One year full trade up or half buy-back of any digital piano purchase.
  2. Three year full trade up or half buy-back of any used piano purchase.
  3. Five year full trade up or half buy-back of any new piano purchase.

We fully expect clients who enjoy our products to want to "move up" to better instruments as their needs grow or change. Our trade up policy gives consumers a peace of mind that assures them their purchase will hold its value with us as they progress through their musical journey.

The O'Neill Family